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Ecology Cash For Cars is a quick and easy solution for all unwanted vehicles in San Diego. We understand that when it comes to selling a car, the last thing you want to do is sit around for days or even weeks waiting for the “ideal buyer.” We are constantly looking to buy automobiles here at Ecology, so please let us know about whatever type of vehicle you have and we will make every effort to provide you the best deal possible.

ecology cash for cars

Car Recycling San Diego.

Recycling cars saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, minimizes waste in landfills, and allows things to be utilized to their full potential. 60% of used auto parts come from recycled vehicles like yours.


Why Sell Your Car to Ecology Cash For Cars?

Ecology Cash for Cars pays cash on the spot and also provides free vehicle towing in the entire San Diego County. With our same-day car buying service, you’ll have more time to do whatever you want with all the money we’ll pay you.

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We Buy Cars Without A Title.

We understand how documents might become misplaced. Don’t worry, simply give us a call and tell us what paperwork you have, and we’ll work with you.

Most cars can be sold with a valid ID and a current or outdated registration.


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  1. Excellent Service
    By John - 06/03/2020

    They paid me the most cash for my truck and towed it a way. Ecology cash for cars in San Diego went above and beyond to make sure they could remove my wrecked truck from a down hill spot on my property.

  2. Friendly and efficient!
    By Sofia.cute83 - 08/08/2019

    Very happy with this company, they gave me a better offer than any other place I had previously called. After 60 minutes of calling the driver was already in the parking lot ready to pick it up my ride.

  3. Good Customer Service.
    By Noah Iver - 07/23/2019

    Best service ever Mike was very nice also the tow truck driver. Junked 72 BMW has been sitting for over 22 years in our back yard it was time to clean up.

  4. Fast Same-day Service!!
    By Melissa - 05/31/2019

    Called this morning, and by Noon, they showed up to take my junk car away. When you’re looking for fast car removal, I recommend these people.

  5. Fair Price Quote
    By Antonio.33Lopez - 04/03/2019

    These guys are super cool. This is the best place to call to sell your car when you no longer wanna deal with it. Kristian came out to where my car was located and after checking out he made me a cash offer on the spot. The offer was fair and I took it.

  6. Great Service
    By Brian - 03/24/2019

    Great service I needed to get my car off the street because it had been hit by a car the night before. Long story short they came out the same day and problem salvedad. Wasn’t expecting anything for it but they did pay me something. Ecology thanks for helping out in just a short notice.

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